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CourthouseWelcome To Our  Website

We are proud to showcase our new Calhoun County Courthouse, occupied in the Fall of 2011.

Message from our Board President, Kyle Clark :

I’ve read that a pessimist complains about the wind blowing, an optimist expects it to change, but a leader simply adjusts his sails.

We have a lot of great leaders in our county and they have adjusted their sails to effectively deal with these tough economic times.

As the economic development association in our county, CEDA will assist our manufacturers and businesses whenever and however we can.   We are working to attract new manufacturers and businesses while we continue to market our local manufacturers and businesses.

We encourage you to support CEDA by joining us, sharing your ideas,  and helping our county and its people prosper.

Email- ceda@tds.net

Phone- 662-414-8163

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