Quality of Life

The modern face of Mississippi was shown to the world when our people provided aid and comfort to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The spirit and charity of Mississippians also resonate in the citizens of Calhoun County. In 2005-2007, our churches, civic organizations, clubs and other teams successfully raised over $100,000 each year, placing Calhoun County’s Relay for Life, as one of the top per capita fundraising events in the state. This countywide event exemplifies the hard work and dedication as well as the unity within our county to achieve set goals.


If you are looking to give back to or get involved with the community, there are many options from Masonic Lodges, Rotary Club, Lion’s Club, to other local clubs and church organizations. Children and youth can participate in local church groups, 4-H, park league sports, dancing and martial arts classes, as well as school extra-curriculum activities.

Festivals, outdoor concerts, fairs, rodeos and other events can be experienced throughout the year.

In Calhoun County, you can enjoy a nice quiet day in a rocker on your front porch or hunt up something a little more exciting. We invite you to experience all that our communities have to offer