Tax and Other Incentives

Tax Credits & Exemptions

  • Calhoun is ready to embrace any new industry or business, and provides a 10-year property tax exemption on any equipment and machinery. This exemption results in about a 50% reduction in ad valorem taxes.
  • State income tax credits are available for companies engaged in manufacturing or producing alternative energy.
  • Jobs Tax Credits/Rebates for businesses that bring new jobs to the state.
  • TVA energy credits for businesses moving to the State for the first time.
  • State income tax credits for existing manufacturers who invest at least $1 million in buildings and equipment.
  • Sales & Use Tax Credits for out-of-state businesses that locate/transfer national or regional headquarters to MS.

Loans & Grants

  • Low interest loans for existing businesses
  • R&D and technology based loans
  • Loans for “at risk” industry

Momentum Mississippi

  • A program that provides tax credits and incentives to existing business and high-tech non-manufacturing industries
  • Provides funding from state bonds

Training Assistance

  • New businesses and expansions of existing business can receive (at no cost) assistance in training new employees, including development of training programs and use of training instructors. 
  • The assistance is coordinated via our local community colleges and WIN Centers.