Existing Industry


In addition to our significant agricultural business, Calhoun County is the home of several industries that do business across the nation and around the globe. These companies have been doing business in Calhoun County for years and can attest to the dedication and “can do” attitude of their workers.

Existing Industry/Business Listing

Name Employment Product/Service Link/Contact Information
Weyerhaeuser Company


Southern Yellow Pine Lumber P.O. Box 577
Bruce, MS  38915
(662) 983-3308
(662) 983-6368 Fax


Haworth Seating
Bruce Plant


Office Environment Seating P.O. Box 632
316 Highway 9 South
Bruce, MS 38915
Baptist Memorial Hospital-Calhoun


Hospital and Nursing Home 140 Burke-CC Road
Calhoun City, MS 38916


Albany Industries, Inc.


Manufacturer of Stationary Sofas and Chairs 310 S Madison
Calhoun City, MS 38916


JCooper, USA         85 Manufacturer of Stationary Sofas and Chairs Highway 8 East

Vardaman, MS  38878

Haworth Seating Becomes Calhoun County’s Leading Employer

Into the second year of their expansion, Haworth’s Bruce Seating Plant has grown to over 400 permanent and temporary members and has become Calhoun County’s leading employer. The plant is one of the company’s top performing plants in terms of safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

Haworth recruits hourly members from within a 30 to 40 mile radius, for its two shift operation.  Haworth says that the high quality/dedicated workers in Mississippi are one of the key factors that contribute to its success in producing high quality office chairs sold to customers worldwide.

For more information about this expansion, check out the following video: