Located in north Mississippi, Calhoun County is almost equidistant between Memphis, TN and Jackson, MS, and only about two hours from each of those major metro areas. The county has two main State highways: Highway 8 running east to west from Grenada to US 45; and Highway 9 running north to south from Oxford to US 82. Highways, and air provide access to many major cities and commerce centers.


  • Interstate 55
    a major north-south artery running from Louisiana to Illinois, is located about 30 miles to the west and is connected to Calhoun County by State Highway 8. I-55 also links with Interstate 20, a major east-west transportation artery.
  • US Highway 278
    a four-lane, east-west artery, is only 20 miles to the north and is linked by State Highways 9 & 7.
  • US Highway 82
    a four-lane, east-west transportation artery is only 20 miles southeast of Calhoun County and linked by State Highway 9. 

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  • US Highway 45
    a four-lane north-south artery, is less than 30 miles to the east and is linked by State Highway 8.
  • State Highway 15
    planned for an expansion to four lanes, is less than 10 miles to the east and linked by State Highway 8. Highway 15, runs from the south to the north and links with US 78, close to the new Toyota site.
  • The Natchez Trace Parkway
    offers a scenic, non-commercial route from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN.

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Commercial Airports and their locations:

Memphis International
Memphis, TN
Distance (miles): 100
Length of runway: 11,120 feet/3390 meters
Major airlines serving airport: Air Trans, American, Continental Express, Delta, Northwest, United, US Airways

Tupelo Regional Airport
Tupelo, MS
Distance (miles): 50
Length of runway: 6500 feet/1980 meters
Major airline serving airport: Northwest

General/Local Airport

Calhoun County Airport
Pittsboro, MS
Length of runway: 3200 feet/1070 meters