Labor Force

Our people are hard working, dedicated and get the job done. Calhoun and surrounding counties (Lafayette, Chickasaw, Grenada, Yalobusha, Pontotoc and Webster) have an estimated labor force of over 60,000.

With Calhoun County’s renewed dedication and plan to bring new business and jobs into the county, many of our skilled workers will have an opportunity to work closer to home. About 35% of our civilian labor force of 6,280 travels outside the county to work. Including our unemployed of about 600, we have about 2,800 people that would likely prefer to change jobs to be closer to home, or are looking for work – an ample work force available for new or expanding businesses.

About 33% of our civilian work force, an estimated 2,100 workers, is employed in manufacturing jobs in Calhoun and neighboring counties.


Calhoun County Workers Contribute to Successful Industries

“Haworth Seating has been very pleased with the quality of workers we employ. Our workers from Calhoun County represent over 75% of our labor force and have helped us become one of the most efficient and safest manufacturing plants in all of our U.S. operations. They are dedicated to delivering a quality product that exceeds customer expectations and support our efforts to provide sustainable and adaptable workspace solutions. At Haworth Seating, we value our customers, employees, integrity, continuous learning, results and our world.”

Jerry Ellison, HR Manager, Haworth, Inc. / Bruce Plant, Bruce, MS.

“If you are looking for the right location to start a business, Calhoun County is a great place to come. I am the Unit Manager for Weyerhaeuser and have been at many sites during my career. I can tell you that people make the difference between success and failure. Bruce Lumber is known within Weyerhaeuser and the lumber industry as a top quartile performer. And it is not because of our physical plant/assets— it is because of our people and the culture that is embedded in this community that embraces hard work, dedication and commitment to themselves, their employer and the community where they live.”

Steve Higdon, Unit Manager, Weyerhaeuser’s Bruce Lumber Plant

Employment and Training Opportunities

With an ample labor force in the county alone and ample land for construction of facilities, Calhoun County offers the opportunity for any new business and industrial development. About 1/3 of the labor force currently works in manufacturing facilities. Employers have no difficulty in maintaining viable and productive employees.

Training the workforce is a number one county priority. Our Career & Technical Education Center is now open and includes the following career paths for residents and employers:

  • Manufacturing Trades
  • Allied Health
  • Construction Technology
  • Digital Media Technology
  • Auto Service Technology
  • Teacher Academy

The following accredited training facilities are located within a short driving distance for more specialized skills training:

Northwest Community College

Phone: (662)562-3333
4975 Hwy 51 North,
P.O. Box 7030
Senatobia, MS

Itawamba Community College

Phone: (662)620-5000
2176 South Eason Boulevard
Tupelo, MS 38804

Holmes Community College

Phone: (662)226-3421
P.O. Box 948
Grenada, MS 38902

In addition to specialized training, these institutions offer services from business analysis to available resources for starting, maintaining, and expanding businesses and industries. All three institutions partner with Mississippi Department of Employment Securities through comprehensive and local WIN Job Centers. They serve both the employer and the employee with reduced cost and/or free programs designed to match prospective employer with skilled prospective employees.

Commuting Patterns

About 600 workers commute to Calhoun from outside our county, while other people come to our county to conduct business or see our attractions. About 2200 Calhoun residents commute outside our county to work in neighboring counties.




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